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Mobetron is the first mobile self shielded high energy (12MeV) linear electron beam accelerator designed for IntraOperative Electron Radio Therapy (IOERT) in non shielded rooms. Mobetron is manufactured by IntraOp Medical Corporation located in Sunnyvale California USA. Mobetron is used at world leading cancer hospitals and clinics for treatment of breast cancer, rectal cancer, head & neck cancer, skin cancer and several other cancers. admedico is exclusive distributor of Mobetron in Scandinavia and to selected markets.

Crysalys Process Management System is developed by Biostasys Inc. in San José California USA for optimal cryopreservation. Whether your practice is the business of embryology laboratories, stem cell research, animal husbandry or agriculture, the Crysalys® PTC-9500 is ready to satisfy the most stringent requirements in cryopreservation. admedico is manufacturers partner and dedicated product development and sales to selected markets.

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